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I Have Good News For You!

- Jeevan Babu Olesu

I have had something weighing on my mind and heart for the past one week. Today I want to write about it. Last week when I woke up I had a feeling and wanted to walk to the river. I didn't eat breakfast, just had my morning devotion, and then walked there. While I was there I saw an old man from a distance. He was alone, sitting on a bench, and by him was a bicycle with bags of his belongings. The first time I looked at him and walked to another part. After that I still sensed in my heart that I should go to him and talk to him. I obeyed and went and sat across from him and started a conversation with him. I introduced myself and could sense his loneliness. I see this sight commonly in India, but I don't commonly see someone sitting with all their belongings like that here in America. I asked him where he was from and why he was alone. He shared his story with me, and he has faced many tough situations like losing his wife. He has five sons, but doesn't feel welcomed or cared for by them. He gets some pension, but it is not enough to pay all the bills for a house. He sold his house and has no permanent residence or car. He goes here and there with what he has. I asked where he sleeps at nights and he told me that sometimes he stays with one of his sons or otherwise wherever he can find a place. I asked him if the police came and checked, and he said he would hide from them. While I was there for maybe half an hour talking with him, he smoked more than five cigarettes. I shared the Gospel with him, and he said he knew about Jesus but in his present situation he doesn't believe. I humbly asked him to please ask Jesus to help him overcome drugs (the cigarettes) and to ask Jesus to come into his heart. He acknowledged that many times he has tried to give up smoking, but hasn't been able to. I told him he cannot do that without God's help, and shared that I have seen so many people freed from addictions only through the power of Jesus and the Gospel. He thanked me for coming and sitting there and said that he had no friends. I encouraged him to accept Jesus Christ and that Jesus will deliver him. I wished I had something to give him, but I had nothing with me, but my heart is full of the love of Christ. God has called me to connect people with hope through His Son Jesus. Please pray that God will use the seeds He has  planted to save and transform this man's life. There are so many people in this world who are so lonely and without hope. They desperately need hope. God saw our desperate need and sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us and give us Living Hope and a friend forever. Some people still don't know or understand this hope, and this image represents to me these people who are sitting and waiting to hear and receive the Living Hope. I made this picture to show night times and to show how lonely so many people feel. They have moonlight and lamplight to light the way for their bodies, but they need the Gospel of Christ to give light and hope to their souls.  My friends, please keep sharing His hope with the lost and please keep the lost constantly in your prayers. In the image a dove brings Good News!  In our lives we are God’s messengers (Ambassadors for Christ 2 Corinthians 5:20) to help bring the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to the lost and hopeless. This is the story behind my design! 

This is a compilation of ten images I have found on websites I subscribe to and some free images.

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