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Imagine climbing up mountains four, five, maybe even six hours to reach villages that have not been reached with the Gospel. You know the people may all reject you. You may be kicked out or chased out of the village. You may be threatened. But, you climb and climb anyway because the love of Christ compels you to go and share the love of God with those who have never heard of Him. Many pastors are spending hours walking on foot to literally reach the hard places. Places that are hard to reach physically because they are very remote and nearly inaccessible. Places that are hard because the people have been so steeped in Hinduism they cannot fathom a God who would die for them to forgive their sins.  

Places that may smell terrible due to a lack of education regarding hygiene and cleanliness. Yet, the pastors go. These pastors are going even though they are not being paid money and even though they may or may not see the fruit of their labor on this side of heaven. They go because Jesus told all of us to go (Matt: 28:18-20).


Sponsoring a pastor enables a pastor to go freely and not be concerned with how to feed his family. In India, many congregations are small and the people are poor. They may not have much to give to help their pastor or church. Many pastors struggle to provide food for their families or to pay for their children’s education. Sponsoring a pastor eases these burdens so that a pastor may fully focus on the work that God has given-reaching the lost and tending God’s sheep.

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