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Carry Out the Great Commission


- Jeevan Babu Olesu

Everyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord has the responsibility to carry out the Great Commission. Mark 16:15 reads, "And he said to them, 'Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.'" Maybe our denominations are different, but everyone who loves and serves Christ is called to share Him with the lost world. Our business and purpose here on Earth is to share the Hope of salvation with those in desperate need who are desperate and hopeless. Maybe our ministry is small, but our vision should be every person and all the nations to be saved. Most of the times the Great Commission begins in our home. We begin by sharing the Gospel with our family, our friends, and our communities. We can create homes that shine with the beacon of His love and His presence. We Christians should have a great burden to carry out the Great Commission and carry the Gospel to all people. I believe many of you have experiences sharing the Gospel with people and with your families.  


Let me share one testimony with you. Every day I heard my grandmother's prayers for each person in my family whom she would pray over by name. There are many people in my family who were not saved at that time. I also listened to my dad and mom praying for them during family prayers. One of our aunts and her husband were very strict followers of another religion. They believe in all of the astrological signs and in magic. They would commonly go to a temple or to a priest for anything going on. They strictly followed even the smallest rule like on which days they should or should not cut their nails. By this you can understand that they were very religious people. They were blessed with two daughters and one of them was born exactly on December 25th. They would come and invite us for their daughter's birthday, but since we are Christians that day is always busy with many responsibilities we were never able to go and attend. They would come and argue with my parents about us not coming and did not understand why we wouldn't come on that day. My dad and mom lovingly shared with them that on December 25th we serve people and show them love just as God showed us love by sending Jesus. Since they were not Christians, they couldn't understand. This went on for more than thirteen years, but we kept praying for them during this time that God would help them understand and know Him. It was and is our burning desire that every person in our family should know and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Every time we shared the Gospel, they would reject it. They claimed Jesus was a foreign god and not an Indian god. One day my uncle had a heart problem and was admitted in a hospital where he heard that he would die at any moment and that the doctor's had no hope. In his heart, he heard a quiet voice tell him to go to church and ask for someone to pray for him. At that time he couldn't even walk, but still he was thinking, "I gave everything to all of our Indian gods, but I never gave anything to Jesus. Even if I go, would he accept me?" The voice in his heart was strong and he kept feeling it speaking to him. He wanted to live, so he slowly opened his eyes and asked my aunt, "Would you please take me to church?" My aunt was completely shocked when she heard his request. Twice she asked him to repeat his request and she reminded him that they believed Jesus was a foreign god. Because she also wanted her husband to live, she took a taxi with him to a church. She explained everything including their beliefs to the pastor. She also explained her husband's request to be brought to a church and have someone pray for him. The pastor shared the Gospel with them and asked my uncle, "Do you believe in Jesus? He doesn't need anything from you. He doesn't need your hair or money. He only asks for you to turn to Him, ask Him to forgive your sins, and to thank Him for dying on the cross for your sins." My uncle and aunt chose to believe in Jesus by praying and confessing to Him. Then the pastor prayed for them and said, "Nothing is impossible with the Lord. Trust Him with all your heart. We will continue to pray for you." This was six years ago and now my uncle is very healthy. At that time, my uncle was very overweight. Now, my uncle is very slim and active. When they accepted Jesus, they became a great witness for Him. They took all of their idols which were in their house and burned them in front of all the people. God can do that for you and for anyone who comes to Him in faith. 


Our God is in the business of saving souls. The Bible says that Jesus came to the world not to condemn the world, but to save it (John 3:17). We are called to carry this message of salvation through Jesus to the ends of the Earth. Do you have family members who are not yet saved? Have you shared the Gospel with them? Do you have neighbors, friends, or co-workers who do not know Jesus? Share His great message of salvation with them. Our hearts must be broken for the lost and heavily burdened for all who have not yet accepted Him. Do not think that just because someone has maybe already heard the Gospel that you are not responsible for sharing with him/her. Do not think that the job of sharing the Gospel is only for pastors or missionaries. No. Jesus has called everyone who follows him to carry His message. Sharing the Gospel does not require education or any qualifications other than to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Let's carry out the Great Commission this year. Let's help the lost and hopeless find hope and life in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 

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