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Changed Lifestyle


Hi, my name is Rajesh. Before Christ, we had no peace in our family. We lived like animals, not getting proper clothes/dresses and our living style was not proper. We didn’t wear proper clothes and we didn’t know how to wash them well either. They smelled badly. We didn’t go either to a temple or a church. In 2011, a pastor named Bidyt came to our village to share the Gospel. I scolded him. He was so afraid, but he didn’t stop coming to our village. When Pastor Bidyt came I always heard his songs and heard him sharing the Word of God. Slowly, my wife and I accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior. After that our living style, both inward and outward, changed. God has now blessed us with two children and a new bike. We are so happy with Christ. Please pray for my mom who is not a believer in Jesus yet. Please also pray for my children and their education, both in Jesus and in school.

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