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God is moving mightily here and we are seeing how He is healing people physically, mentally, and spiritually. Many lives are being transformed by the power of the Gospel. Our God is interested in our whole being. He is the One who heals us fully and restores all that is broken for His glory. Below are some of the testimonies of how God heals and transforms lives for His Kingdom.  

“He (Jesus) has done everything well” - Mark 7:37

Changed Lifestyle!
Enjoying Peace!
Taking Photos Led Me to Christ!
Bitten by a snake. Saved by God.
Drawn by a Converted Friend
Life from Alcohol to Christ!
Healed and Happy!
Jesus Heals Our Bodies!
Found The True God!
Complete Healing!
I'm so blessed that I'm a child of God though my parents...
Comforted by the Love Of Christ!
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