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Jesus heals our bodies
Kameswara and his family
After the baptisms

Truly our God is a wonderful Healer! On the sixth of April 2015, Director Jeevan had a scheduled meeting with Pastor Prem Kumar to discuss a youth meeting. However, God spoke to Director Jeevan and wanted him to go a different way to another village. God was speaking softly in Director Jeevan’s heart to go to unreached villages. He took Gospel tracts and began traveling to the village to which God was calling him. Along the way he picked up Pastor Suryam and Brother Rambabu. They traveled to two villages that were in a very remote area where Director Jeevan had never been before. They walked around the villages distributing Gospel tracts and proclaiming the Good News house to house. It was summer and very hot outside. They didn’t eat any lunch and were feeling very tired. Yet, God was still calling them on to yet another village that Jeevan had visited when he was 17 back in 2003 named Vantharba. They quickly obeyed the Lord’s leading and went there. They traveled house to house and immediately one family accepted Jesus Christ. While they were talking to the family and they were asking the team to return and have services, one mother came to them and asked to take them to her son to pray for him. His name was Kameswara Rao. He had been sick and many witchcraft people had come to try to heal him, but nothing worked. They even took him to a doctor who demanded 45,000 rupees to treat him (that is about $700 USD). They explained to the doctor that they had one piece of land and if they sold it they would get 25,000 rupees. They wanted to sell the land and give him everything for the treatment. But the doctor’s heart was hard, and he refused anything less than 40,000. They left feeling sad, because they knew they couldn’t get that much money. Everything they had done failed and everyone in the village had no hope he would live. Director Jeevan, Pastor Suryam, and Brother Rambabu followed the mother to her son’s house. When they reached it, the whole extended family was gathered inside and outside wailing and crying believing that soon he would surely die. The team asked people to please stop crying and make a way for them to enter the house. When they saw Kameswara Rao who had been sick for around 30 days, his stomach was horribly swollen. He hadn’t been able to go to the bathroom for nine days. By that point, he was unable to swallow any water or even his own spit. He was unable to speak at all to express how he was feeling. His mother told him, “Here is a man of God who can pray for you.” When he saw the men who had come, he was crying loudly and even managed to speak hoarsely, “Please save me. I want to live.” His mother explained all that they had done for him to no avail. Director Jeevan said, “You will live, not die. God has a purpose for us to come here today.” Jeevan explained the True God created humankind and gave people a purpose. Then he explained the Gospel to Kameswara Rao using a Gospel tract and Bible verses. Director Jeevan then asked Kameswara Rao to confess his sins and accept Jesus as his Savior. Right away Kameswara Rao confessed his sins in front of all his family and said, “Lord, forgive me. I am a sinner. I am a drunkard and a smoker. Give me life so that I can live for You.” After he prayed, Director Jeevan, Pastor Suryam, and Brother Rambabu prayed for him and anointed water for him to drink. They asked for him to drink that water in front of them while ensuring him not to be afraid that God was going to heal him. The very next day he was able to go to the bathroom. The first week a Sunday service was held in his village, he attended using only a walking stick along with his wife and his three children. The team prayed for him and his family and gave him a Bible. They suggested for him to begin reading the Bible from the Gospel of John. God has completely transformed Brother Kameswara Rao. Before Christ, he was a drunkard, smoker, and even a thief. He confessed after being saved that before he would go into other people’s houses when they were not home to steal things. In January of 2016, both he and his wife were baptized. Now he and his wife are living for Christ and shining His light in their village. Listening to the soft and gentle voice of the Lord and doing what He says is key to seeing His blessings and seeing lives transformed for Him. All glory to God! Everything is possible with Jesus.

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