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- Jeevan Babu Olesu

"They will call Him Immanuel (which means “God with us”).

                                                                                 - Matthew 1:23

Many times we don’t know that God is watching over us and God is with us. During this Christmas season, we should remind ourselves and remind others as well that God is always with us and watching over us. The Bible says, “’The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel’ (which means ‘God with us’)” (Matt. 1:23). Who was called Immanuel? Jesus Christ was called Immanuel, because he is God among us. He was among the people and is even now with us (John 1:14). One of the reasons he came to this earth was to be with the people. Are you afraid about your life? Are you thinking that you don’t have anyone with you during this Christmas season? What is Christmas? Christmas is Jesus Christ being born, God coming and making His dwelling here with man. He wants to be with us always. He didn’t create us and stop caring. He loves us so deeply and immensely. He is watching over us and every detail of our life with His loving gaze.


When you know that Immanuel is God with you, you will always celebrate Christmas in your heart. Maybe physically you are poor, and don’t have things to celebrate Christmas like many decorations, presents, or new clothes. But kindly don’t forget that Immanuel means God is with you and that alone is enough reason to celebrate. My dear friends, from today onwards be an encourager to others. When we go out, we realize there are so many people who don’t have shelter or clothes. They don’t yet have the hope that we have from God. Let us be encouragers to share with them the story of Immanuel-that Jesus Christ is God with us. He is still with us. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He said, “Surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matt. 28:20). Jesus is truth and His Word is always true forever. By saying “surely I am with you always,” He is reassuring us that He is always with us and He will never change His mind. You are not alone. You are being watched over by the Almighty God who is also your loving Heavenly Father. If you are weary, burdened, or sad, crawl into His lap and find comfort and peace in His arms. You will find rest just as the little girl did in her father’s lap. Our Heavenly father always has room for us to curl up against Him and He always has time to watch over us. 


My beloved friends, let us celebrate this Christmas season joyfully. May we remember that Almighty God came to earth to be with us and that He is always here as Immanuel. May we rejoice that we are wrapped in His loving arms and always under His watchful sight.



Beloved Father,

hank You that You came to earth as Immanuel. Thank You that You are always with us. Thank You that you are our loving Father who longs for a deep relationship with us and always watches over us. Thank You that we may crawl into Your lap and find peace and comfort. Please be with those who don’t know about You. Please help comfort them and send workers to them to share the Good News of Your coming. Please use us right where we are to share the Good News with those around us. Thank You so much for Your eternal love. We love You. Amen. 

One day there was a young girl whose mother had gone somewhere to visit. The girl was staying alone with her dad for the first time. She was very worried and nervous at night without her mother. She looked at her father and asked, “Dad, are you watching over me?” He reassured her by replying, “Yes. I am always watching over you.” She laid her head down on his lap and fell asleep soundly. She was comforted by his presence and knowing that he was watching over her.




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