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Found the true God

Greetings in Jesus name, my name is Ashok and I am twenty-five years old. I was born in a Hindu family. I didn’t know who Jesus Christ was. One day I had the opportunity to listen to a pastor named Bipul who shared the love of Jesus Christ and revealed the True God to me. I had many questions in my mind. How could Jesus be God? By the grace of God, Pastor Bipul came to my house every day and shared about the Bible and God. At a young age, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior in 2006. I was baptized by water in 2012. My family came to know that I had become a Christian and been baptized, and they kicked me out of my house. I started praying for my family that they would understand the love of God. God heard my prayers and by His grace my family called me home. Gradually, my whole family received the Lord Jesus Christ and stopped serving idols. Now we all are going to church. Unfortunately, after our whole family became Christians my father passed away due to a heart attack. Now our village people are blaming his death on our conversion to Christianity. They are demanding for us to return to our former life and worship idols. Our village people are causing us to have many problems like not allowing us to take water from the well. Kindly pray for the salvation of our village. – Brother Ashok

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