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Bitten by a snake.

Saved by God.


My name is Somanna. I used to be a Hindu priest since all of my forefathers and mothers were Hindu priests and called gods/angels. They offered prayers to the gods of our people. I followed these traditions of my family. I came to know that some people in my village accepted Jesus and were holding Sunday services at their house. The men who came there to hold the services, Director Jeevan and Pastor Suryam, and my village people invited me again and again to come. I never went. I believed in what my family had taught me and I was a Hindu priest. However, in December of 2015 I was

bitten by a snake. I followed all of the Hindu rituals and traditions for healing. My mother brought many magic and witchcraft people to curse the poison in my leg. My leg was so swollen and a bad smell came from it. I had no other hope, but to invite the pastors to my house to pray for me. That Sunday on December 20th, I sent word to where the pastors and believers gathered requesting them to come and pray for me. They came to me directly after the service along with a Christian woman from America who is now the wife of Director Jeevan. As they came, the whole village followed and came along with them. The villagers were wondering how a Hindu priest would invite Christian pastors like that. They were also following because this was the first time a white person had come to our village. Director Jeevan and Pastor Suryam prayed for me and encouraged me. They shared with me about the love, salvation, and hope that is found in Jesus Christ. I believed and accepted Jesus. They anointed my leg with prayer oil. Slowly, I was completely healed. The snake bite should have taken my life, but God used it to give me life in His Son Jesus. The first time I went to church with only my son, Charan. When I was a Hindu priest, I would wear ropes tied around my neck, thighs, wrists, etc. These ropes were charms that my family and I believed would protect us from harm of bad spirits. The first Sunday I came to church, Director Jeevan explained that those ropes represented my old life and beliefs and that I should not have faith in any such charms or witchcrafts. I immediately tore them off in front of all the believers, because I believe in the Most High God. Now, my wife and children attend church with me every week. My wife has also chosen to believe in Jesus. My family and neighbors have rejected me since I was a Hindu priest and now am a follower of Christ. Please pray for them. Pray that they too will come to believe in and love Jesus, the Savior of the world. All glory and praise to God! Amen

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