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We are so blessed to work with more than over fifty pastors who spend much of their time traveling to different villages on the mountains and remote areas to share and preach the Word of God. Many of them have very little when it comes to worldly things, but their hearts are rich toward God. We have monthly meetings for the pastors to come together, be trained, encourage one another, and also to share a meal. These pastors often have to travel very far each day to reach the different villages to which God calls them. We are working on helping these pastors with transportation since many of them walk more than five hours one way to reach the villages and churches they are pastoring. Most churches do not have buildings in which to meet, but meet under pandals [tents]. This makes meeting together difficult during the rainy season and makes a church building to meet in even more crucial. 

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Two Areas

Two areas we are focusing on is helping the pastors with transportation to travel to different villages and feed their families. With the support of a generous sponsor we were able to bless some of our pastors with motorbikes. We are also focusing on helping build church buildings in which believers can gather and worship the Lord together. 

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