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Clothing & Gifts

Many of the people in Tribal Agency and Odisha work very hard for even the basics of life. We love to bless the people by distributing clothes, shoes, mosquito nets, blankets, and toys for the children. These are items the people may desperately need or may be unable to buy for themselves. During the Christmas season we love to distribute gifts for the children. Children are so delighted to receive items like water glasses, coloring sheets, and small toys. We distribute gifts not only to the believers, but also to those who are against the Gospel to win them with the love of Christ.


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One small gift can change everything

In one village named Borra Bakuru Pastor S. Rajarao was persecuted heavily. The people tried to beat him three times and threatened his life if he did not leave the village. They also tried to use witchcraft against him. Despite everything, he stayed and continued praying for them faithfully, and trusting the Lord to do the work in the village. God used a Sister in Christ in America to bless the village. She had sent a gift that we did not hear God calling us to use for more than two months. Finally, God led us to bless the people with love to show them His great love for us. Just as God loves us when we are still sinners, so we also wanted to love the villagers though they showed hate for the Gospel. The American Sister had sent some clothes like hats, t-shirts, jeans, etc. We distributed them to the villagers. The people were so moved and touched by the gifts. They were wondering about the way we treated them. They were amazed we were showing them love and kindness instead of returning their hostility. Now, by God's amazing grace, we have a church in that village and are seeing how lives are being touched by the love of Jesus and God our Father. 

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