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About the Director

Jeevan Wesley (Babu) Olesu is the founder and director of Hope For All International Ministries. He was called by the Lord into His service at the young age of 16. Before he started doing ministry, he watched and learned about ministry through his grandfather, Yelamanchili Olesu, who is a pastor in Tribal Agency. He also has been mentored and trained by his local pastor, Pastor Moses. Jeevan has been used by the Lord to carry the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the unreached places of Tribal Agency, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha in India. Reaching the unreached is the burden that the Lord has placed deeply on Jeevan’s heart. He has traveled far and wide with other pastors to take Gospel tracts to unreached places, speak with the people, and share with them the life-changing message of Jesus. He also travels to speak at different meetings throughout Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. 

Jeevan traveled on foot with only his Bible. He would travel for hours during the day and night to walk from village to village. He would climb the steep mountain paths and climb stones across streams to get to the villages often with pastors and other believers. They had to bear the mosquitos, the heat, no proper food, and no proper place to sleep. Because of the great love God has given them for the unreached people, they adjusted and were content with whatever they were able to share. Now, Jeevan works with sixty-five pastors and often travels with them or other believers to bring the Gospel to the unreached places. His love for the lost has inspired many who now follow the command of Jesus to go to preach to the unreached.

In October of 2016 Jeevan was so blessed to marry his friend Melinda Elizabeth who has a big heart for India. They were married in Mindy's hometown of Muscatine, Iowa and are currently living there. They know and trust God will bless the ministry and glorify His Name in India, the U.S.A. and to the ends of the Earth.   

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