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God is moving in Tribal Agency! We are so excited to see how God is growing the fellowship of believers in Vantharba (Onthurba) village. Over the past three years God has been doing amazing work in the village and changing the lives of many people. Slowly, people are observing how God is changing lives and they too are seeking Him. This village is a poor village and many people are addicted to alcohol and tobacco. They also strongly believe in witchcraft. We have seen God moving in hearts and gradually people are leaving their false faith and magical power and turning to the True and Almighty God. These believers have held Christmas meetings these past 

three years and have invited their whole village and surrounding villages,  where there are no churches at all, to come and hear the Good News. By faith we started building a church building. This building will help the growing congregation reach more and more people for Christ. This will also give them a more permanent place to hold meetings and invite the surrounding people to come. We believe that we will finish this building by this May. Please pray for this building and for those who are working and ministering in this village. To see how difficult the work is, please watch our video that shows the building of the church in Borra Bakuru. This work is the same type of work. Please also pray for the remaining funds to come in. We need funds to complete the roof, buy the wood for the structure, and to provide food for the workers. Many workers are very poor and the way we are thanking them and compensating them is through providing food for them and their families. Normally, they are working very hard in their daily labor work to take care of their families. While they are working on the church building, they are unable to do their normal daily labor work. These daily laborers normally only earn between one and two dollars per day.  Without this work, they are unable to feed their families. Please pray for this growing body of believers and the provisions they need. Please give as God leads you. May God bless you. 

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