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God is moving mightily here and we are seeing how He is healing people physically, mentally, and spiritually. Many lives are being transformed by the power of the Gospel. Our God is interested in our whole being. He is the One who heals us fully and restores all that is broken for His glory. Below are some of the testimonies of how God heals and transforms lives for His Kingdom.  

“He (Jesus) has done everything well” - Mark 7:37

The Power of The Gospel

On the morning of the 8th, December 2015 in Odisha before a church meeting Director Jeevan was walking and saw an old man who was addicted to tobacco. Jeevan went to him and explained how that tobacco was destroying his body. He was holding the tobacco in his hand while Jeevan spoke with him. He explained why God created his body and what his purpose is here on Earth. He had tears running down his face. The man immediately threw the tobacco down on the ground and said he wanted to follow Jesus. Director and some pastors who were with him told him he should go to church and he came. Praise the Lord! Please hold him up in your prayers, his name is Laxman.

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