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God is moving mightily here and we are seeing how He is healing people physically, mentally, and spiritually. Many lives are being transformed by the power of the Gospel. Our God is interested in our whole being. He is the One who heals us fully and restores all that is broken for His glory. Below are some of the testimonies of how God heals and transforms lives for His Kingdom.  

“He (Jesus) has done everything well” - Mark 7:37

This is Brother Timothy. This young man has been in pastor Isaac's house since 2009. He heard about Jesus through pastor Isaac. He used to read the Bible and spend time in prayer in a bathroom because he was afraid of his parents. He has two sisters and both are married. His elder sister drug him out of their house when they came to know that her brother Minnarao (Timothy ) was following Jesus Christ! Because of brother Timothy's faith in the Lord, his family rejected him. I... had to call pastor Isaac to talk to brother Timothy and encourage him over the phone many times. It is his burning desire that his whole family must be saved and he does evangelism along with pastor Isaac in Srikakulam district. Please pray that God will soften the hearts of brother Timothy’s family not that he would be welcomed back but more importantly that his family may be saved and place their hope and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ! Please pray for God to bless brother Timothy and use him to show God’s love and forgiveness to others!

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