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God is moving mightily here and we are seeing how He is healing people physically, mentally, and spiritually. Many lives are being transformed by the power of the Gospel. Our God is interested in our whole being. He is the One who heals us fully and restores all that is broken for His glory. Below are some of the testimonies of how God heals and transforms lives for His Kingdom.  

“He (Jesus) has done everything well” - Mark 7:37

God Reveals...

One dear sister by the name of Jyothy (Light) is 42 years and has been suffering from fits and some other heath issues for the past 22 years. She came to the revival meetings with much agony on the morning of the 15th (Saturday). Before I shared the Word, I said, "There is a lady who came here this morning with a long heath issues. God has spoken to me that He wants to heal you completely. If that lady is here, please come and meet me after the message so that I may pray for" After the Word of God, many came and wanted me to pray for healing and their families. Finally, this sister named Jyothy came to me and told me that it was her that God had revealed.

She cried a lot and I prayed for her. She wanted me to go to her house. Pastor James and I went to her place and prayed for her, her mom, and her two brothers before we left the city. In the past she had married a man who left her because of her fits. Later, she married another man. She herself told him that she was not able to bear a child for him and wouldn’t be able to do anything for him since she was feeling not good. She finally said good-bye to him and lives with her mom and her married brothers. Her father passed away in 2011.

Jesus is alive even today. He knows what kind of problems we are going through. He reveals them through prophecy by using His servants. Please pray for Jyothy and her family. God will heal her completely and also use her life to shine a light for Himself. Please pray that God will use her testimony mightily for His name and His glory

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