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Drawn By A Converted Friend


Hi, my name is Anil. I belong to Visakha Tribal Agency. I would like to share my testimony with you. Before Christ, I worshipped idols, participated in recording [copying dance moves from movies] dance, and watched worldly movies. I used to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. I also took all kind of drugs. I used to tease girls.  I never listened to my parents and actually scolded them a lot instead. I was friends with very bad people.

Then one of my friends whose name is Sankar came to faith in God. He began telling me every day about God, but I never listened to him. I scolded my friend and rejected God and blasphemed against God. Many days passed in this way. I watched my friend's family and it was so evident that they were now experiencing peace, joy , and happiness. They had minds to love others. When I observed that, I understood the difference between my friend's life and mine. I had no peace or joy in my life. I thought it would be great if I became like my friend. 

In 2011, I went to church for the first time and I heard the Word of God. I felt like God was talking with me and asking me to welcome Him into my heart. I immediately surrendered my life totally to Christ by confessing my sins. Then in 2012 I was baptized by Pastor Suvarna Raju. As I grew spiritually while participating in my church, I was given the privilege to be a Sunday School teacher. That year I started with ten children. By God's grace, it has now grown to thirty children. Now I have found out that joy in the Lord is true joy. Now I rejoice in the Lord every second of every minute. God loved me and gave His life for me. He also rose again for me. Therefore, I love God and He is my life. I am crazy about Jesus. This is my testimony. May God bless you. Amen.   - Brother Anil

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