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Reaching the unreached

Our primary vision is seeing all peoples and villages reached, saved and blessed with the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ.  For those in despair, hurting, sad, or feeling lost, we are offering hope through the unconditional love of God our Father through Jesus Christ. We travel to many villages where the Gospel has not yet been shared and go house to house to pass out Gospel tracts, talk to the people, and share God’s Word. We also hold Gospel Meetings and Youth and Children Meetings to reach the villages. Everyone may come to these meetings and hear about what Jesus has done for them. Sometimes we are also able to share the Jesus movie with them. Our vision is for every village and person to be reached with the saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our hearts are broken when we see people living in areas that remain unreached. One such area is Kathamguda village, in the state of Odisha. To reach the village we must first get permission from village elders, otherwise the people do not allow you to come. The first time we visited we met them in the market where they come only on Thursdays. Eventually, they agreed to allow us to come to their village. Even after receiving permission, actually reaching the village is very difficult. You have to walk on the mountains and the road is steep, muddy, narrow, and filled with potholes. Our hearts were even more torn when we saw how the people were living. Their living style was really terrible. They approached us with sticks when they saw us. We tried to visit homes to see how they were living, cooking, eating, sleeping, etc., but we were stopped by some of the people. These people only bathe once a year during a festival, but they don't always even do that. They don't know how to cook food properly, how to make good clothes, and how to care for their bodies. They don’t wash their clothes, which were very dirty. A bad smell comes from them when they are approached, but with God’s love such things don’t matter. The children’s clothes were very ragged and dirty. When the children saw us, they tried to run away. We stopped them and spoke with them. They must know how precious they are and how God so dearly loves them. We want to bless them physically and spiritually. When we were talking a little boy and a little girl joined hands and were confessing their sins to the Lord. It moved our hearts so deeply. There are three villages with a total of about 2,000 people altogether living this kind of life. These precious people are totally unreached and unaware that they are deeply loved deeply and treasured. We are sharing about this village to give a snapshot of the many people who are still waiting to hear the Good News. By God’s grace, we want to ensure that every village is reached  with the message of love, light, and eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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