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Thank you for this opportunity to share my story. My name is Chilakamma. I am a widow and I have two sons. My whole village was Hindu. We also believed in witchcraft and magic. Sometimes Christians would come to my village. One pastor in particular was strictly and seriously warned by the Hindu priest in my village to never return or he would be killed. Here the villagers are addicted to alcohol, even the children. I suddenly was attacked by a mental illness and didn’t know what to do. I would roam to many different places without wearing clothes, but wouldn’t be aware of what I was doing. I also would throw stones at people without realizing it. My two sons would make food and feed me. They tried to help me. Many witchcraft and magic people came and tried to curse the mental

Chilakamma and her two sons

illness to make me well. Even the Hindu priest from our village prayed for me. He offered prayers to our gods. They all failed. We had no hope. At that time, the Hindu priest who was against the Christians once came to my house again and told me there was nothing he could do for me. He actually suggested for me to go and bring a pastor to pray for my healing. My family and I sent a message to Pastor Sanyasi to please come and pray for me. He came, prayed for me, and I was completely healed! I instantly accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and began enjoying being healthy.  All of our village was amazed at my healing. They saw the power of the True God. The next time Pastor Sanyasi came he brought others with him. Director Jeevan, many other pastors, and many believers working with him came to evangelize to my village and the villages surrounding us. Now my two sons, about fifteen other villagers, and myself gather under my porch (you can see in the picture above) each week to have Sunday service together. God is moving in my village. Please pray for our whole village to become Christians. Many people want to become Christians, but are addicted to drugs and aren’t willing to give them up yet. Please pray that God will break the chains of idol worship and alcohol. Please also pray for my two sons. Since I am a widow, I am unable to provide much for them. Please pray God will take care of my family and village. – Sister Chilakamma

Complete Healing
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