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Comforted by the Love of Christ!

I greet you in Jesus name. My name is Sanju and I am twenty-eight years old. I was born in an orthodox Hindu family. Recently, I came to know about Jesus Christ through Pastor Bipul. Let me tell you about my family briefly. I was a religious lady. Every morning and every evening I would worship idols with Hindu practices. [Many Hindu women will plant trees by their houses, build an altar, and walk around and worship the tree.] My husband had an accident with a train and died suddenly. I became totally hopeless and helpless with my two kids. There was no one to help me. I had no peace in my mind and heart and was always crying while remembering my husband’s death. At this weak moment, Pastor Bipul told me about the love of Jesus and comforted me from the Word of God. Suddenly something happened to me and I was inspired and encouraged to stand again. I gradually started to study the Bible. I learned from the Bible that idol worship is sin. I also learned that there is a True God in the world. After that I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I have not been baptized yet, because I am afraid of my family members. Please pray for me to have courage and be baptized soon. Please pray for my two children. One has mental disorders. We are staying at a rented house and we are struggling to pay for daily food. Please pray for us. –Sister Sanju

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