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Children& Youth Programs

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6

Building a strong foundation of faith in children is very important. The Bible teaches us that if we teach them the correct way when they are young, surely they will follow that when they are older. We want to instill God's law and morals deep into their hearts and minds while they are young. These days many children are rebelling against their parents and destroying their lives. We want to counter this by teaching them what God says and what He wants from them. Many times during His ministry Jesus gave priority to children. He welcomed them even when His disciples tried to turn them away [Mark 10:13-16]. He also told His followers they needed to be like the children and humble to enter the Kingdom of God. [Matthew 18:1-5]. We know the children are both the future and the present for the church. We should never neglect teaching them. If we neglect the children, we are raising a generation who will rebel against God. May we raise up children who love and fear the Lord. We are working hard to reach the children in Tribal Agency and Odisha. When we go to a village to share the Gospel, the children are always the first ones to welcome us. The elders hear the sounds of us coming and may not want to come out. However, the children hear the sound of singing and people coming and they come running to learn more. Many times churches begin with the children. They are the most receptive to the Gospel. We hold Children and Youth Meetings to reach the young ones with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We hold these meetings during public holidays. We also teach the children important life lessons the Bible teaches and how to apply these to their lives.


"Many people think about growth in money or growth in education, but today I have heard there is also spiritual growth. Today onwards

I want to grow spiritually. I grew up in my education, but I didn't grow up spiritually. Therefore, I request with all of my heart for all of you to grow up spiritually so then God will bless us. I'm so grateful that the man of God came here and God spoke to me."-student after Youth and Children Meeting

"I am so blessed to come to these Youth Meetings during the summer holidays. I liked the message so much about how we should obey our parents. Thank you so much to the man of God, Jeevan Wesley. Thank you everyone for providing this opportunity to give feedback." - Sarath Khemdu.

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