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A Previous Saree Distribution in a Village


and did not know the true God and His great love for each of them. Many villagers are addicted to drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. Now, please pray with us that God will bring light to the darkness through the believers and use the church to spread the Gospel like fire calling people to the God who loves them. We want to bless each woman in this village with a new saree. This village is very poor and the blessing of new clothes will be greatly appreciated. They will be able to feel the love of God in action. A saree costs about 500 rupees. In India there are joint families with mother-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, and unmarried daughters living together. Pastor Rajarao graciously counted for us and there are 84 women in this village between the 57 houses. This means we will need to raise $650 to support blessing these precious women. We estimated the cost on the fact that the conversion rate fluctuates.   


Our big vision for this village is to also to bless them with providing animals for the villagers to raise both for themselves and as a source of income. We also want to help provide this village with a bore well, so they can have better access to clean water. Currently, they have to walk about three or four miles to bring water back to their village for drinking, cooking, and washing. This means the women have to travel and carry the water for distances. A bore well will be a blessing to all the people. 


Blessing these people and showing them God's love for them is only possible through your prayers and generous support. One hundred percent of what you give goes straight to the people. Below is the link you can use to help us share God's love. We want to thank you in advance for partnering with us and sowing into God's Kingdom. 

We have written to you before of the village of Gummadi Gandu. This is a village where the villagers were very against God and Christianity. They threatened and rejected Pastor Rajarao many times. However, by God's grace and through your prayers, hearts were softened and God's light shone in. On December 26th of 2018 our family and team inaugurated the new church building. Praise be to God! My dad, John Olesu, and Pastor Rajarao sponsored the church. The believers worked very hard to build it. 


God has laid on our hearts to bless this village and pour God's love over this village. To begin with we desire to give every woman in the village a saree. There are 57 houses in this village, and five of these houses have put their faith in Jesus Christ. Glory to God! Before these villagers were idol worshippers 


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